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Reliable and Functional Gates in London

The gate is usually the first part of your property that a visitor will interact with. Therefore, it is very important that your gate is reliable, functional and visually appealing. A well-designed automated gate system will add convenience, security and curb appeal.


The main attraction of an automated gate system is the ease of use factor compared to a manually-operated gate. A larger manually-operated gate can be a challenge to operate, particularly for younger children or the elderly. This is compounded in harsh weather conditions (nobody wants to be outside in rainy or snowy conditions pulling open an old heavy gate). An automated gate paired with key fob remotes or pedestal-mount keypads adds further convenience by allowing users to open or close the gate without having to leave the vehicle.


Safety & security are often major factors in deciding to invest in an automated entry gate.

Note: for ideal perimeter security, an entry gate is only 1 part of the equation. The gate must be combined with further perimeter fencing, and additionally can be combined with lighting, cameras and other layers of security for security solutions to meet any requirements.

Curb Appeal

From traditional to modern designs, gates are available that will enhance and compliment any landscape and architectural style.

Automation & Gates

Simpson’s Fence offers a variety of automation and gate services to residential, commercial, and industrial owners. We pride ourselves on being able to offer durable and affordable solutions.


Automated gates ("estate" gates) add curb appeal and security.


We service & install automated gates & access control systems.

Programmed Maintenance

Need some routine work or check-ups? We can check your fence.

Swing vs Slide Gate

Automated gates will typically be either SWING gates or SLIDE gates. Both types have pros and cons. The main considerations when choosing which type of gate is right will be COST, SPACE REQUIREMENTS, and MAINTENANCE.


A swing-gate system will generally cost less than a comparable slide-gate system due to its simpler mechanics.

Space Requirements

A swing gate will take up more space in the driveway. This area must be clear, level, and allow for proper safety features to prevent contact with vehicles/pedestrians. A slide gate will require a larger area beside the gate opening (for the slide gate to slide into when opening). This area will be approx. 1.5x the opening width, and must be clear, level, and have proper safety features to prevent contact with pedestrians.


Because of their simpler designs with fewer moving parts, a swing gate requires less routine maintenance than a slide gate. In general, swing gates will be recommended for residential uses where space permits. Slide gates will be the best choice for sites with limited space (driveways near the road or going up/downgrades), for larger openings (20 ft or larger), and for commercial/industrial applications requiring high cycle usage (50 cycles + per day) and/or more secure gate closing (slide gates are more adaptable to be secured between a couple of catch posts to provide a securely closed gate vs swing gates which are harder to positively secure closed and can allow being pushed/pried opened).

Questions about our Gates?

No matter how complex your project is, or questions you may have, we want to hear about it. Contact us today and let’s talk about your project and how we can help.

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